Situated in the Northwestern part of Bulgaria, Vratsa Municipality has 679 sq kilometers. About 370 sq. kilometers of them are agricultural lands and 117 sq. kilometers are forest and fields. According to the number of the population; the Municipality is on the 16th place in the country with 85 215 citizens.

Climate is mild continental.

In the town there is good infrastructure and communications, also there are lots of gas-stations.

The heating system is available for about 15 352 apartments and lots of trade establishments. There are three substations built in the Municipality. The textile and food-gustatory industry, a building-materials production and metalworking are well developed.


The Municipality is located in the Northwestern Bulgaria covering an area of 697 km2. Its territory includes part of the Danube plain and the front part of the Balkan Mountain – the Predbalkan (the Mountain of Vratsa is included in the Natural Park “Vratchanski Balkan”). It has boundaries with the municipalities of Varshetz, Mezdra, Krivodol, Borovan, Biala Slatina and Svoge.

The total length of its borders is 150 km. The town spreads out from the mountain down to the wide spaces of the plain on an area of 12500 decars, covering 2 % of the territory of the municipality.

Landmarks in Vratsa

Cave "Ledenika"

The natural landmark - Ledenika cave is situated within the boundaries of Vratsa Balkan Nature Park,...

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Vratza passage

The Vratzata Passage, called in the Middle Ages Vratitza, is a symbol of the town of Vratsa and is c...

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Lakatnishki rocks

Lakatnishki rocks are located on the left slope of the Iskar Ravine in the Balkan Mountains. They ar...

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Skaklya waterfall

The highest non-stop flowing waterfall in Bulgaria - 141 m. It is 1.5 km away. south of Vratsa, behi...

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