Vratza passage

The Vratzata Passage, called in the Middle Ages Vratitza, is a symbol of the town of Vratsa and is connected with the name of the town. It was declared as a natural landmark in 1964 and covers an area of ​​2 hectares. The road to Ledenika cave, the tourist complex, the Parshevitsa hut and the village of Zgorigrad pass through it. The passage is a gorge of the Leva River and is a rare and impressive rock massif. The vertical rocks of Vratsata are the highest on the Balkan Peninsula - over 400 m. And are the most popular alpine place in Bulgaria. They are divided into the Central Wall, East and Zgorigrad massif. There are more than 140 alpine routes with different difficulty categories, some of which are emblematic for Bulgarian alpinism - "Mirrors", "Second Congress", "Dog's Tooth", "Vinkel" and others.