Emedia Consult focuses its activities on IT technologies and online marketing. Software and web-based systems, site optimisation, hosting professional website development to present companies, products and services. We apply the knowledge of our experts in the field of online marketing, social networks and Google Adwords. Through us you will achieve successful presentation of your business in the internet space and social networks.


Our experts are not afraid of your challenges for custom-made solutions in web site development, design, web maintenance, site servicing and optimisation. Digital Marketing agency Emedia Consult LTD organizes seminars and trainings of its employees in order to acquaint them with news and trends in web (online marketing, website development, social networks, сео and other innovations).


The team of Imedia Consult Ltd. organizes monthly seminars and trainings for the development of people and their familiarization with the newities and trends in the web. One of the major projects of the company is www.guidebg.info.