ESTE Restaurant

Genuinely quality cuisine in Bulgaria has its connoisseurs, and their growing needs gave birth to the idea of Este – a restaurant to be distinguished from all the rest. The idea was brought to life with the priceless participation of Dimitar Damyanov – a chef with a remarkable background, who had gained experience and inspiration in some of the best restaurants in the world, such as:


  • - Copenhagen’s Noma (world’s #1 restaurant in 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • - The Spanish Arzak (world’s #8 in 2012)
  • - Heston Blumenthal’s renowned restaurant The Fat Duck
  • - London’s Savoy Grill Restaurant of the just as famous Gordon Ramsay
  • - Michel Roux’ Le Gavroche
  • - The British Ritz London and Lowry hotel
  • - The Spanish Martine Beresategue


Dimitar Damyanov’s personal trend is expressed in preparing food in an innovative, fascinating and healthy way by selecting top quality products from all over the world and blending those with local herbs and fresh wild-growing spices. His remarkable creativity, garnished with years of experience, astonishes every customer, tasting classic dishes in a non-conventional mixture sealed by his unique signature.


Este’s philosophy is highly influenced by cuisine, and still the interior and setting are not to be left behind, as they are also part of the key to inviting our guests into style and class. Every single piece of interior has been carefully chosen and made by world’s top producers and architects, so that a restaurant of such rank could have the perfect final touch. This sophisticated scene is complemented by a colourful summer garden, where each guest could enjoy the romance and cosiness of private tents, surrounded by attractive flora and fairy fountain’s murmuring water.


An abounding list of various wines is at disposal of customers, each bottle being stored in adequate premises at particular rate of humidity and temperature.


Quality service in Este lies in the grounds of the restaurant’s conception and philosophy.