ESTE Restaurant

Gourmet restaurant for people with taste and style!


Genuinely quality cuisine in Bulgaria has its connoisseurs, and their growing needs gave birth to the idea of Este – a restaurant to be distinguished from all the rest.


The idea was brought to life with the priceless participation of Dimitar Damyanov – a chef with a remarkable background, who had gained experience and inspiration in some of the best restaurants in the world. His mission is that every client taste the best of the cuisine on the planet – here in Bulgaria!


An abounding list of various wines is at disposal of customers, each bottle being stored in adequate premises at particular rate of humidity and temperature.


Quality service in Este lies in the grounds of the restaurant’s conception and philosophy.


We strive to take care of every customer as we do it for the most valuable guests in our own home – with an unforgettable taste, emotion and experience.

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ESTE Restaurant disposes of 50 seats, surrounded by exquisite baroque atmosphere in “Louis XIV” style. Guests can enjoy comfort, privacy and serenity during their stay.


Seat up to 50 guests




The fresh summer oasis of ESTE Restaurant offers 43 seats, situated within eight private tents with individual lighting, fan and cable TV.


Seat up to 43 guests




For its special guests ESTE Restaurant has provided a separated VIP room with 12 seats with individual lighting, heating and TV.


Seat up to 12 guests




ESTE Coffee is located in close proximity to ESTE Restaurant and offers excellent conditions for organizing corporate and private events, presentations or other initiatives. The interior enchants with plenty of live vegetation, light and space.


Seat up to 5o guests




Keeping an innovative, fascinating and healthy way of food preparation is among the major priorities of ESTE Restaurant. By selecting top quality products from all over the world and blending those with local herbs and fresh wild-growing spices, the classic dishes are presented by unique signature in new, non-conventional mixture.




ESTE Restaurant accepts cash payments, bank transfers as well as debit or credit cards – Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.