Soho Bar and Dinner is the newest and most modern establishment in the old capital Veliko Tarnovo. It combines modern décor, original interior, delicious food and a variety of live DJ music.


The menu contains selected recipes that can satisfy even the most discerning taste. You will be pampered with French cheese, Italian sausages, bread rolls, Spanish ham, deer and other selected delicacies. Among the culinary delights that the restaurant offers are also chicory pies and Italian desserts.


Besides the rich list of Bulgarian and foreign wines, the selection of whiskeys and cocktails at Soho Bar and Dinner is also impressive and gives customers a great choice to experiment with new flavors or to indulge in classy drinks and combinations. And the menu is supplemented by bottled and bottled beer from Bulgarian and imported producers, fresh juices, homemade cold tea with exotic taste of fruits and homemade lemonade with mint and elder.


Lovers of hot drinks can enjoy aromatic cappuccino, coffee latte with different flavors and Chinese tea.

The pub offers professional music and light design and DJ parties with varied music such as hip-hop, electronics, retro, BG and pop.


The restaurant is smoking after 22:00, and before that hour you can go to two terraces with heating. Soho Bar and Dinner has live guards to take care of your peace of mind! The party does not have an hour!