Kasapinova Tavern

Kasapinova Tavern gets its name from the Kasapinov family, who were the butchers - the butchers in the village. Along with the development of tourism in the Pirin town, the tavern grows and gains increasing popularity among Bulgarians and foreigners.


The seats in the tavern are decorated in 3 halls. The main part, a winery and a fish saloon, each with a fireplace. In Kasapinova Tavern you can taste the most delicious barbecue in the area, whether it is game meat, roast pig, rabbit or lamb prepared in the oldest kiln in Bansko.


Bansko specialties like kapama, chomlek and pork knuckle are also not to be missed.


In the winery, you will be pleasantly surprised by the huge assortment of wines of over 3000. For your good mood will be taken care of the musicians from Banski Merak group.


On certain days you will also enjoy a folklore program in the face of Annamal Lady Young.