As the name goes, the new establishment loves the bohemian way of life with leafy cocktails after work, fine wine with dinner, and lazy weekends where the brunch is placed on a pedestal. Their goal is to create a perfect atmosphere in which time to stop, so that we can leave the worry of a country and give ourselves to tastes from all over the world in interesting interpretations. Without much pretensions and serious statements, the enthusiastic team behind Boho does things the way he loves them and most importantly - as they would share and share with friends. The cute little snail in the logo is a mock tease and makes you smile, unifies the concept and greatly visualizes the idea of ​​a slow lifestyle, enjoying good food and time spent with friends.

Boho comes as a natural extension of their love for food and travel, where most of the new ideas for menu suggestions and inspiration for experiments are most common. The menu in the new place is built to meet the needs of customers throughout the day, so it is divided into several parts suitable for brunch, lunch and dinner. They firmly believe that food needs to be shared, so different appetizers such as oriental diptypes, aromatic falafella and mini schnitzelli are also available in the special menu, which you can order with friends and be able to snap on the various dishes. Cucumber bass, Uruguay rebuy steak and slow-cooked pork belly are just some of the main dishes that will delight meat lovers. Three types of Benedict eggs, fluffy pancakes, chopped slices, scrambled eggs, and crocodile will sow the hunger hunger during the weekends. The generous, beautifully served portions enjoy not only the eyes but also quickly become our new favorite breakfast in the company of mimosa. Pancakes, except in a sweet version with homemade jam or chocolate and peanut butter, come in a variation with smoked pancakes and avocado cream.

In addition to food, they also focus on beverages. Instead of being celebrating beer, here you are focused on a strong wine list and a selection of hard alcohol - key author's cocktails and a wide range of medium and high class wines. We will be able to try different wines every time, as they have tried to choose atypical and interesting tastes that you can not find easily. And the best thing is that most can also be ordered for a cup!