History - "In this area there was a series of Chrysostomian chalets, one of which was the inn here by Tsvetko Valkov Penkin / Chipilets / President of the Secret Revolutionary Committee, founded personally by Vasil Levski in 1870. The han was the base of the Revolutionary Committee The complex "Pravechki Hanove" consists of a cafeteria "La Cremeria", a wine cellar with tastings, restaurant "Art Garden", complemented by a summer garden with a Renaissance and traditional for this region architecture and layout, barbecue, fireplace and barbecue on charcoal, hotel part.


In addition to the exterior of the complex, there are amazing water cascades that add a touch of tranquility and complement the fresh mountain air in an incredible natural motif.


In Art Garden Restaurant you can bring special guests to you in a comfortable setting. It is suitable for meeting your business partners as well as for organized company or family celebrations - weddings, balls, birthdays, team trainings, seminars, symposiums, etc.


We offer excellent cuisine, festive menus, caring service, pleasant and cozy atmosphere. We provide music and light design, fireworks, photographer, live music and DJ, and if desired, prior consultation, we can provide another performer or show program.


The menu of the restaurant is prepared from specially made products for us, from farms with quality certificates and meeting the standards for organic food production.