Madara is the name of the Historical-Archaeological Reserve covering several hundred acres of land and is a protected area. In the reserve are the Madara Rider, cut into the rocks; The Big Cave - a rock shelter about 30m high and Little Cave.

Ancient Thracians turn the Madara Great Cave into a sanctuary. Vowel tiles of the Goddess-mother Bendida, the Three Nymphs and Asclepius were found. Most interesting, however, is the fragment of a marble piece with the zodiacal signs.

Approximately three kilometers from the Madara relief, in the direction of Kaspichan, is the rock Early Christian tomb in the Kireka area. Sofia - Madara - 372 km. Plovdiv - Madara - 311 km. Varna - Madara - 77 km. Shumen - Madara - 18 km.