House Museum Peyo Yavorov

The greatest glory and symbol of Chirpan is the poet Peyo Yavorov. In Chirpan is the home of Peyo Yavorov, the poet who has marked Bulgarian literature forever with the magic of his words. The House-Museum "P. K. Yavorov " was opened for visits on October 31, 1954. It is located in the central part of the city and accepts visitors throughout the country and abroad all year round. The museum collects and stores original documents, photos and articles related to the activities of Yavorov and his age.

The museum is the center of the annual traditional cultural holidays of Chirpan. Every year Chirpan homage to the poet's talent and celebrated Yavorov January dayс festival of literature and art in honor of the great Bulgarian poet. Yavorov's National Literature Award is given every five years for lifetime achievement in poetry writers created highly artistic works representing a significant contribution to the cultural treasury of the country.