Karst Gorge Chernelka

Chernekelka is a natural landmark of the karst gorge of the Chernyalka River, a right tributary of the Vit river, and was declared as a natural landmark from the ICGP with Order No 1422 / 21.06.1969.

The area is cut by the river of the same name and is a gorge of upper limestone and clay-sandy rocks.

The riverbed has many turns and crossing the canyon up to 2000 is associated with the passage of many natural and artificial fords. After the summer of 2001 an eco-path was built on the project of the Municipality of Pleven with the voluntary support of non-governmental organizations. Eighteen bridges are laid and the river passes unhindered. The main objective of the eco-path is to increase the ecological culture of the canyon visitors and to communicate directly with the natural resources.