Nature Rescue Center Poda

The Nature Rescue Center "Poda" was built in 1997 by the Bulgarian BirdLife Bulgaria (BSPB) with the financial support of:

• The Government of Switzerland;

• The Swiss Bird Conservation Association / BirdLife Switzerland;

• Lanius Group (Switzerland);

• European Henry Ford Nature Conservation Awards.

The Center was established within the framework of a BSPB project to the Bulgarian-Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Program. With it and with the similarly developed center "Eastern Rhodopes" to Madzharovo, BSPB introduces in Bulgaria the concept of nature conservation centers, which was later initiated by other organizations and institutions. The idea of BSPB is that these centers play the role of centers and initiators of conservation action for the entire areas around them. The Poda Nature Rescue Center implements the most modern concept for management of the protected area by direct nature conservation, information, educational and tourist activities. At the same time, it is the place where the key activities for the protection of the other wetlands around Bourgas are organized and carried out.

Since its inception, Nature Rescue Center "Poda" has been visited by more than 200 000 people and for many of them it has played the role of a real discovery of the wonderful world of birds. The center is also a center for environmental education in the region with visits of over 4,000 students per year, as well as a place for the National Ornithological Olympics, organized annually by BSPB.