The Museum of Physical Culture and Sports

The Museum of Physical Culture and Sports is housed in a specially adapted hall at the National Stadium "Vasil Levski".


The first exhibition was opened on March 30, 1962 and was originally housed in the Sports Hall. The museum presents the history of Bulgarian sport and the outstanding achievements of our native athletes.


Among the valuable items are a copy of the first Bulgarian bicycle, personal belongings and awards of the great Bulgarian fighters Dan Kolov and Nikola Petrov, a fencing suit of a Bulgarian Olympian from Amsterdam 1928, as well as other racing teams, a lot of bowls and a collection of won by Bulgarian athletes medals.


Especially dear is a photograph of 1894 by Swiss gymnastics teachers who arrived in Bulgaria at the invitation of the Minister of the Enlightenment and distributed in the big high schools in the country, which in fact set the beginning of the modern sport in Bulgaria.