The mausoleum of Alexander I Battenberg

The mausoleum of Alexander I Battenberg is the tomb of the Bulgarian Prince Alexander I Battenberg, first after the Liberation.


The building is located on 81 Vasil Levski Boulevard in Sofia and has an area of 80 m2 and height of 11 m. It was built in 1897 on a project by the Swiss architect Herman Meyer, the interior decorated by the famous Bulgarian painter Haralampi Tachev. Alexander Batenberg was buried in 1898.


In 1937 his wife Countess J. Hartenau donated to the Chief Military Museum personal belongings and documents of the former prince, part of which was exhibited in the mausoleum.


From 1946 to 1991, the building was mostly closed to visitors (ordered by the Communist authorities). After 1991, the Ministry of Defense reopened the Mausoleum for visitors.