Region Vratsa

Region Vratsa

District of Vratsa is one of the 28 regions of Bulgaria, which together with four other regions - Vidin, Lovech, Montana and Pleven, forms the Northwestern Planning Region. The Motor Vehicle Code is BP. The district has an area of 3619.7 km² and a population of 186 848 people. The postal codes of the settlements in Vratsa district are 3000 (for the city of Vratsa) to 3399.

It is formed by the regions of Vidin, Vratsa, Montana, Lovech and Pleven (NUTS 3 level). There are fifty-one municipalities in the area.

The territory of the area is 19,070 sq. km, forming 17.18% of the territory of the country.

The area borders on the north with the Republic of Romania and on the west with the Republic of Serbia, on the east with the North Central Region and on the south with the South Central and Southwest regions.

There are 3 883 pieces of cuktural values in the region, including: Baba Vida Fortress, Belogradchik Fortress, Kurtpashi Towers and Meshchiite Houses in Vratsa, Medieval Fortress Hissarya and Varosha Revival District in Lovech , the Renaissance buildings in Teteven, Troyan and in other settlements, the monasteries Klisurski, Lopushanski, Chiprovski, Troyanski, Glozhenski, Cherepishki, Novoselski and others.

There are twenty-five museums in the area, of which five are regional, eleven municipal. More important are the Cross-Form barrack in Vidin and the museums in Pleven: Skobelev Park Museum, the Pleven Epopee Panorama 1877, Mausoleum-Chapel "St. George". Traditional local handicrafts such as Chiprovtsi carpets, Troyan ceramics and others have been preserved. There are nine art galleries in the Northwest region.

Some of the cultural events in the area have international and national significance.

They stand out The Danube International Dancing Folklore Festival, the International Festival of Bulgarian-Romanian „Folklore Festival of the Wing Song and Dance“  in Vidin; The International Art Gallery in Lom, The National Fair of Artistic Crafts in the village of Oreshak, the Lyulyak Music Festival in Lovech, the National Painting Plaque "Varosha" in the town of Lovech, the International Katya Popova Music Festival and the Holidays of Bulgarian and Russian Culture in the town of Pleven.

Nature Protected Areas, including Natura 2000, cover a total of 31.3% of the territory of the Northwest Region and are mainly located in forest mountain areas. The region has a large part of the Central Balkan National Park with the natural reserves "Tsarichina", "Steneto", "Boatin", "North Djendem" and others. and some of the most remarkable natural phenomenas - the Belogradchik Rocks and the Magura Cave.


Landmarks in Region Vratsa

Cave Svirchovitsa

Cave Svirchovitsa name is given on the tree Elderberry, which grows now at its entrance. A medium-si...

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