Rock Monasteries on the Shumen Plateau

The rock monasteries on the Shumen Plateau are a complex of scattered medieval rock monasteries, churches and monastic cells inhabited by monks in the XIXth century. They are built in the rock wreaths of the Shumen Plateau.

Osmar monasteries

They are about 3 km away. north of the Osmar village in the picturesque Osmar Shore, through which runs the Osmar River. From the east, the valley is surrounded by the abrupt and rocky slopes of Chetika hill , and from the west are the sloping and wooded slopes of the Kochovo part of the Shumen Plateau. The monasteries are located on a steep rocky slope at the bottom of the passage, which is called by the local residents of the Monastery Valley. These monasteries are one of the most famous and visited by tourists because of the easiest access to them. There is a multitude of fountains and places for relaxation and picnic in the passage of Osmar.

Kostadin Monastery

The largest and most preserved monastery is the Kostadin Monastery. It is carved at a height of about 8 - 10 meters in a vertical rock. In the autumn of 2011 a metal ladder was built in place of the old wooden one, which facilitates access to it. It is supposed that the monastery was called "St. St. Konstantin and Elena ". It can still be noticed in it an altar and fragments of frescoes. It consists of two departments. The Eastern is a church of almost square shape. The west is irregularly shaped, has many niches, grooves, monastic grave and pines cut into the rock.

On the top of the rock of Kostadin Monastery is an interesting natural formation, called "Okoto" or "Halkata"


About 100 meters southeast of the Kostadin Monastery is another rock cloister known as the Direkliata. The reason to be called this is that at the entrance there is a pillar made, called by the Turkish word "dеrek". The church is ten meters away from the ground and is inaccessible without facilities.