Koprinka is a reservoir on the Tundzha River.

It is situated along the Tundzha River, in the Rose Valley, seven kilometers away. from the town of Kazanlak. It is about three kilometers long and has many sleeves and bays.

The idea of building a reservoir on the river arose at the beginning of the last century. For this purpose, the Tundzha water union was established in 1923, which in 1928 prepared a project for a dam wall near the village of Koprinka and for its derivation to Stara Zagora. Due to lack of funds, the union ceased its activity in 1935.

After the Second World War, the idea was renewed and, after extensive research and design work carried out in 1946 by the Energohydroproject, the purposefully built building section "Koprinka" at the Ministry of Construction began construction in 1947. Two years later the Ministry of Energy established a state-owned enterprise "Koprinka", which continues construction in order to finish it in 1955.