Fortress Storgozia

The remains of Storgozia Fortress are located in Kaylaka park, around four kilometers south of the town of Pleven. It is built on a high plateau on the left riverside of Tuchenitsa, naturally protected by the steep banks of the river.

The ancient settlement of Storgozia originated from a Roman roadside station of Via Trayana, connecting Eskus with Philippopolis and situated in the center of modern Pleven. Better business conditions attract settlers from nearby small settlements to the station. However, as a result of the frequent barbaric invasions, the Roman authorities take measures to protect the population.

Taking advantage of the naturally fortified terrain of today's Kaylaka Park, they build their defenses. At the beginning of the 4th century, thirty-one acres are surrounded by a powerful fortress wall, 2.20 m wide and 2 m high, built of lime stone and a solder of white mortar. The three sides of the fortress are protected by rocks that are 10-15 m high.