Skobelev Park

Skobelev Park in Pleven was founded in 1904 by the Committee of Tsar Liberator Alexander II in memory of the Russian fallen heroes in the fighting on August 30, 1877.

Declared as a protected place as a historical area with Order 257 of the Ministry of Forests and Forest Industry and on the grounds of Art. 20 and 22 of the Law for the Protection of Nature, issue 37 of the State Gazette, 1969. His status has remained unchanged for thirty-five years. After lengthy debates, discussions and committee meetings at local and national level in 2004 by Order of the Minister of Environment and Water Dolores Arsenova from 2 July Skobelev Park was deleted from the State Register of Protected Areas as a historical site. The motives are that protected areas are natural natural entities, and the Skobelev Park is made by human hand.