Boris's Garden

Boris's Garden is the largest park in Sofia. Its area is 3,02 sq. Km.


Upon its creation, the garden is situated on the outskirts of the capital, which with the expansion of the city enter into its extended center, and the garden itself is extended to the Hunting Park.


 The part near the center of the capital is well developed, and after Yavorov Blvd. becomes a forest park.


First, the park is called the Razsadnik, later called Pipiniere. Until 1885 the park is also popular as the Tsarigradska garden. After the birth of the Crown Prince Boris Tarnovski was renamed the Knyaz Borisova Garden.


Under the totalitarian regime (1944-1989) the name was changed to Park of Freedom. Following the democratization of the country, the park was again named Boris III.