The milk processing company Destan was founded in 1994 and since then has been known for its completely natural white and yellow cheese. Our production plants, occupying 3 500 m2 built area and 12 000 m 2 total area , work thanks to the labour and love of 110 qualified employees!



In order to product extraordinary products, Destan collaborates with 85 Bulgarian farms in “Zlatna  Dobrudzha (Golden Dobrudzha)” which provide us the best rich-content cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk.



Our top mission is to offer to the Bulgarian consumer the best quality possible that “caress” the taste of the customer!


That’s why we also have thousands of decars of fertile agricultural lands in Dobrudzha that provide our farmers with rich and strong fodder for even better milk quality!



In the beginning we used to produce white cheese only but later on we also added yellow cheese and today the Bulgarian customers know us for the moto “white and yellow cheese experts”!


What makes us different?


  • We only use 100% Bulgarian farmers’ milk!
  • We have over 22 years of experience in milk products production.
  • We have conserved the authentic Bulgarian taste and we only use Bulgarian cultured milk products.


Our own labs monitor the quality and the purity of our products on daily basis.



Our products DO NOT contain vegetable fats!



We own ISO 22000:2005 Certificate which proves the implementation and operation of Quality Management and Guarantee System for our products!




Thank you for choosing to put our products on your table!



Our obligation is to offer you whatever you need!






  • Bulgarian white brined cheese


 The most traditional product in our menu is the cheese. Contains high levels of calcium, phosphorus and other valuable substances which all together they define the product as one of the healthiest foods for people of all ages.

Cheese ripening is a process of breakdown of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates which releases flavor compounds and modifies cheese texture.

Because of the specific taste the white brine cheese is one of the most consumed and preferred cheese in Bulgaria.


  • Yellow cheese – Kashkaval


Yellow cheese also known as Kashkaval is made of high quality milk from our fermers in “Dobrudzha” and “Ludogorie”. It is a long term stored cheese which is well-ripened with high nutrition values making it prefereble for  daily serving.

Kashkaval contents  high levels of protein ,minerals and milk fats.

It is suitable for direct consumption and for cooking as well.



  • Cottage cheese


The cottage cheese is a underrated product but at the same time is one of the most healthy secret weapons in our diet. It is a dairy product with high content of aminoacids and vitamins which makes cottage cheese a very good choise for a healthy lifestyle.



  • Bakery products


The bread and all the bakery products are the main food which we consume in order to satisfy our daily need of carbonhydrates , proteins and other valiuable substances .

The variety of our products  can satisfy even the most picky demants of every consumer.

Dobrudzha is the most famous place of quality origin wheat in Bulgaria which allows us to use  high quality raw material in our bakery in order to produce high quality bread and bakery product.