BBQ Happy Duck Restaurant

If you are in Borovets and want to try a really delicious cuisine, you must visit the Happy Duck restaurant.

The restaurant is located meters away before the first station of the cabin lift. The restaurant is in a typical Planic style and offers a lot of coziness and wonderful moments.


In Happy Duck you can enjoy delicious Bulgarian cuisine, always fresh barbecue, roast lamb, roast, piglet, homemade banitsa, mackerel.

In the restaurant at any time you can order fresh river trout, local specialties and delicious desserts. The rich selection of fresh salads and traditional Bulgarian pickles will complement every selection of varied branded drinks.


You should not miss tasty pizzas, starters, gouache. True connoisseurs can taste sausage specialties, juicy marinated barbecued meats and incredible and always fresh desserts.


At lunchtime, you can taste the various types of hot soups and various snacks. Those of you who love to enjoy the late nightclubs offer live music, and for the bravest and karaoke.


62 seats in separate rooms, as well as 30 smoking places offer plenty of room for your family and corporate celebrations. For group and corporate events, the restaurant offers a discount.


We work all year round!

Our team will ensure that all your wishes are satisfied to win you as our regular customers.