Alpine Restaurant Fondue

If you are tired of the taverns in Bansko and you are looking for something different, you can taste real alpine cuisine at the Bansko restaurant.

With its unique atmosphere and cuisine, the elegant, one-of-a-kind and luxurious restaurant in Bansko.

It is located in Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax Aparthotel and offers specialties from Switzerland and France.

Only here is a fondue with cheese, which is consumed with breadcrumbs dipped in heated liquefied cheese.

We also offer a meat fund, which is cooked in hot fat, with fried fat frying different types of meat, pre-cut into cubes.

The taste of raklet (semi-melted Swiss cheese Racklet, spread over bread or boiled potatoes) brings true joy and pleasure to the senses and to the most sophisticated gastronomes.

The cheese-making fund is prepared with the original alpine cheese Vaśren (3 months) and Grüner (9 months).

At Fondue Restaurant, you can prepare your own aromatic meat dish on a heated stone plate by choosing from several types of meat, fish and seafood.

It is also necessary to try the chocolate fondue, prepared according to an original Swiss recipe.
It comes with milk, white or black chocolate.

Fondue is the only one of Bansko's many alpine-style restaurants with a lot of wood, and over every table there is an absorber that removes all the odors.

Fondue is a unique restaurant offering a different experience.
It is the only Bansko restaurant fund, which attracts with delicious and different cuisine, perfect service and an exciting feeling of warmth and coziness.

The Alpine style, the walls with solid wood paneling and the thermo-wooden flooring give him unique elegance and attractiveness, his own spirit and radiance.
Like every self-respecting winter restaurant, Fondue features a fireplace lined with decorative white bricks and sculpture of the ellen head.

The restaurant has a show cooking area as well as a wine bar.

The tables, chairs and separeta have an authentic design.

The room is divided into zones by decorative screens with stylized Swiss motifs, and partitions between the booths are decorated with deer carving.

The wall appendages with decorative horns complement the atmosphere. The ceiling of the restaurant is made of beautifully ornamented wood. Hidden lighting, emitting light, creates extra comfort and acts as a comfort.

The Bandu Restaurant has a capacity of 44 seats and has an area of ​​160 square meters. It has 6 central tables, a 4 - 6 seater for a comfortable sofa, three large seating areas with corner sofas, each with 8 seats, show cooking and drinks bar.

Above each table there is a telescopic hood that goes down to the cooking level while preparing the dishes and then moves to the ceiling.