SASA - Asian restaurant and bar

SASA Asian Pub: Overturn Present!

2000 square meters, 7 meters high, 700 seats, restaurant and bar united by a common stage where something interesting is constantly happening.


Vitosha "invades" through the huge glazed windows, creating a feeling of flying over the city, and the huge seawater aquarium, home to over 20 species of exotic island and reef fish, "immerses" the visitors in the mystery of the underwater world.


SASA Asian Pub overturns images of space!


The best of 7 world cuisines with a predominance of Asian.


The distinctive dishes of China, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia, Singapore, India and Malaysia are specially prepared for the SASA Asian Pub by world chefs.


All tastes are adapted to the Bulgarian taste by preserving the healthy ingredients and the way of processing typical of the Asian cuisine. The dishes both satiate and leave a feeling of lightness and a flow of energy.


SASA Asian Pub, except Asian cuisine, offers authentic American BBQ specialties, Italian brussets, French desserts, Mediterranean delicacies ...


The bar is packed with 100 different beverages from around the world, including Asian cocktails and a variety of coffee specialties.


SASA Asian Pub turns around and imagine food!


SASA is not just a restaurant, but an Asian pub where entertainment is all-day and guaranteed.

On stage, which combines the restaurant with bar and coffee, live music with DJ sets and shows.


In the SASA Asian Pub, the day starts with lunch with colleagues, expanses imperceptibly to an afternoon cocktail or dessert to get to dinner with friends and dancing until the late hours with a drink in hand.