Aesthe Clinic

Aesthe Clinic is a private clinic specializing in plastic surgery and is one of the leading in the country. Located on the top two floors of the hotel business VEGA – Sofia. Aesthe Clinic patients can benefit from preferential services of the hotel complex.


In Aesthe Clinic preoperative preparation, surgery and postoperative care are entrusted though highly qualified medical staff and medical team with extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery.


High level of professionalism;
Precision and concentration;
Honesty and care for patients;
The expertise of the team;
Guaranteed quality of the final result.


Dr. Ilyo Stoyanov


Aesthetic plastic surgeon & clinic manager


Graduated in medicine at the Medical Academy in Sofia in 1987. Until 1995 worked as a general surgeon and cardiac surgeon at the National Heart Hospital – Sofia with prof. Lyudmil Boyadzhiev . From 1996 to 2001 he worked and specialized aesthetic and plastic surgery in Prague , London and Bonn, where under the guidance of prof. Meshtyak , prof. Matti , Ponfiloff and others specializes mainly endoscopic techniques and their application in modern aesthetic plastic surgery.


In October 2001 he carried out the first in Bulgaria endobraulift – endoscopic surgery brow lift and smooth wrinkles on the forehead , and 2009 made ​​the country’s first endoscopic midfeys lifting. From 2003 to 2006 he held a full course of specialization according to the program approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria with Assoc . Evstatiev and Assoc . Tepavicharova in the Alexander Hospital.


In 2010 passes individual training course for endoscopic techniques in the field of operation of the average person of Professor . Biymer in Germany. In Italian prof. Michele Zocchi Dr. Stoyanov specialized ultrasonic liposuction apparatus ” Contour Genesis .” Pass a training course and is the first plastic surgeon in Bulgaria received certificates for working with stem cells from the firm Cryo Lip – Belgium.


Since 2013 Dr. Stoyanov is the only certified doctor to Bulgaria having the right to train specialist doctors and interns of methods for breast augmentation with implants and products company Allergy / Mac Gan /.


2014 conducted a master class course in endoscopic face lifting techniques at the Medical University of Manchester.


Certified specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Member of the Bulgarian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery . Also a member of the International and European Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.


Dr. Stani Krystev


Aesthetic plastic surgeon


He graduated Medical Academy in 1988. Since 1990 works in the I-st surgery Alexander’s Hospital as assistant professor, where there are 11 publications. Since 2006 is a certified specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery under the laws of the Republic Bulgaria. Member of the Bulgarian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.


Dr. Krastev consult in Aesthe Clinic every Thursday and Friday afternoon.


Dr. Miroslav Mirchev




Graduated Medical Academy 1987 to 1996 worked as an anesthesiologist and resuscitator in clinic for burns and plastic surgery – Pirogov. Until 2003, is an anesthesiologist-resuscitator Clinics in Thorax, then work with most plastic surgeons in Bulgaria. Dr. Mirchev is among the pioneers entered intravenous anesthesia without intubation in operations of aesthetic nature. He is the first anesthesiologist in Bulgaria working long-hours intravenous anesthesia without intubation.


In Aesthe Clinic preoperative preparation, surgery and postoperative care are entrusted to highly qualified medical staff and medical team with extensive experience in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.