The musical activeties are the biggest part of the the multi-entertainment center JOY STATION.  On the fully professionally equipped stage has performed some world famous artists  like URIAH HEEP, JOE LYNN TURNER, BOBBY KIMBALL and JOHN LAWTON, and famous Bulgarian stars such as BTR, LUBO, GRAFA, MASTILO, BELOSLAVA, D2, SIGNAL,DIANA EXPRESS, DIRTY PURCHASE and the unique diva -  LILI IVANOVA. The concept of the club includes  also “tribute shows” which became famous from the past events in JOY STATION and give to the audience different style of music. In the program already appears successful tribute bands such as THE BEATLES, METALLICA, ADELE, BON JOVI, U2, AEROSMITH, AC / DC, GUNS N ROSES, RED HOT CHII PEPPERS, DEPECHE MODE, ELTON JOHN, PINK FLOYD, WHITESNAKE and ABBA.



The atmosphere at the club predisposes for an authentic audiophile experience. The acoustic design  of JOY STATION is made especially for the hall and the sound system is the highest professional level - "MEYER". The brand is preferred and required by the greatest musicians and is the benchmark for quality in the whole world.The lighting is CLAY PACKY, the console is YAMAHA, the multimedia includes 3 video walls SAMSUNG (2x 9x55 "and 1 x 9x40") and a LED wall, with impressive size (7,2 x 2,4m). All of the equipment is managed by a team of professional operators and luminaires with skills who contributes to the overall impact of each event.



The club has a capacity of two thousand people, which make’s  it one of the largest locations for various events and activities in the city. JOY STATION is a very suitable place not only for musical shows and live concerts, but also for corporate events, private parties and celebrations of various kinds. On the first level are located the club area, the restaurant part (including the outdoor garden) and the gaming area (including 5 professional pool tables and 5 darts).



These advantages  makes the club  the perfect place for a wonderful stay.



My Choice


The restaurant which is located in JOY STATION is one of the tree from the chain MYCHOICE. The other two are located in Simeonovo distr.and in the SKYCITY MALL situated in Geo Milev dist.

My Choice offers a varied menu, with focus on grilled dishes, warm atmosphere, beautiful garden with a playground and friendly service. Every day, customers can choose from specially prepared proposals selected seasonal dishes and a rich lunch menu at very attractive prices. In addition to that - the restaurant offers tasty snacks and desserts own production worthy to impress even the most demanding palate.


The restaurant has a capacity of 120 seats inside and 110 seats outside. The children's playground is in the garden and it’s  fully enclosed in a separate area and offers a variety of entertainment for the childrens.


My Choice is the perfect place for informal gatherings, business meetings and official praznenstrva and celebrations.


Working hours: every day - 11.00 - 23.00.



Mega Xtreme Bowling


Mega Extreme Bowling offers to its clients bowling lanes - AMF – the American bowling equipment № 1 in the world. The tracks are arranged in a way that ensures maximum space and comfort for all players and their companions. The perfect acoustic of the hall, and especially the climatic system (supporting different temperature in the zone of the players and in the rest of the room)  provides maximum comfort for all customers.


The modern bowling equipment has a unique programming functions of the Games, whiches  provides great pleasure and convenience, to theprofessional and nonprofessional players. In the evening when the program is switched and all the lights are shining – the game turns into an extremely fun process.For customers who do not play bowling center offers 5 billiard tables, 5 electronic darts and many other games.



Mega Extreme Bowling offers a lot of options for corporate parties and intercompany tournaments, parties any celebrations, birthdays and manyothers gatherings.