LIVE CLUB GALAXY is one of the most successful night clubs in Bulgaria. Few things can be compared to it in Plovdiv, just as few cities in Europe can compare to Plovdiv.





With its capacity for nearly 1,000 people and 450 seats it is one of the biggest live music scenes that ever existed in Bulgaria. Designed and filled with almost a prophetic vision of nightlife, Galaxy becomes a milestone for the development of club life in this part of Eastern Europe.



Equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, the restaurant delivers visitor experiences at a manic level. The pleasure is complex and powerful - the senses are so intense, and the service is so good that, as some guests say, the next similar state in which the human soul can reside is nirvana.

The entire LIVE CLUB GALAXY is packed with exceptional designer design. The light show is playful and spectacular, and the sound is only of its kind. The acoustic project is specially made for Galaxy by Tony Hadeat - the sounder of Slavi Trifonov. The top of the spectacle, however, is 3D - the spectacle created by the latest generation of club lasers that make light fantasies throughout the hall over the visitors.



Situated in the newest and most modern district of Plovdiv, the establishment has a huge private parking lot with lighting and cameras. An excellent organization has been set up for customer safety. Only the uniform piccolo is missing to make you feel like a guest on any part of Vegas. Security specialists have something to impress here - the precise security is a guarantee for the peaceful and joyful spending of the evening. The problem visitor is identified and captured even before his friends or company have experienced his bad intentions. 

Customer safety measures are at such a level that you'd better spend the night in your own living room. The Drink and Drive service, which offers the Galaxy management, is becoming more and more popular among visitors. Because many come just to see how the show is, but are shocked by the situation, they decide not to lose the evening. The Galaxy team is ready not to lose their driving license by taking them with their own car.


LIVE CLUB GALAXY is the first of its kind club in Plovdiv with a full concert program. The concept of music management includes every night as part of the show cabaret and ballet program as well as a warm-up group to a special performance for the night or guest star. Special attention is paid to the rich choreography and the special decorations for each event. There are continually invited leading artists of different styles - pop folk stars, Bulgarian popular music, and r & b, rock, ethno and jazz artists. More often than you imagine, there are foreign artists here.

GALAXY guests often see, listen, and shoot with celebrities that others have just heard about. Lately, when LIVE CLUB GALAXY made its discovery with a huge constellation of top performers, he asked to turn Plovdiv into the concert capital of Bulgaria. Since then, the club proves that in the show business it can hold a very high level. It is the reputation of one of the few best night music clubs in the whole country.


The "Live Club Galaxy" is so fashionable and spectacular that if only half of the other things in the country were at such a level, they would be confusing Plovdiv with Zurich and the country with Monaco. It is worthwhile to come here just to feed your optimism that things in Bulgaria are going in the right direction ... "wrote writer Juk W. Bury the night he first entered Galaxy.


We expect you every night. Because ...... YOU LOVE!